Brian Zirngible - Lmft

Brian Zirngible - Lmft

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My name is Brian Zirngible and I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a solo private practice in Burnsville, Minnesota.

I am here to support you with the following...

  • You want to save your marriage. You feel lonely and distant from your spouse or partner. You are missing the spark that was once there. Your relationship has lost it's romance and it feels like you are living with a roommates. You feel emotionally and physically disconnected from someone who was once your best friend.
  • You are a musician or performing artist struggling to manage self-care, substance use, relationships, and your performance schedule. You are creatively stuck and are seeking inspiration. With work, career, kids, finances, stress and elevated expectations of the performing arts - your life can feel overwhelming. I can help you with the challenges of keeping it all together.
  • You are a middle-aged man or young adult male struggling with anxiety or depression and it may be difficult to emotionally and physically connect with your partner, family or friends. You struggle to talk about feelings and emotions.
  • You are the parent of an older teenage male and they are struggling with performing arts, academics or athletic performance; depression, stress, sadness, social anxiety and lack of motivation.

Featured on WCCO Mid-Morning "Relationship Reboot" with Jason Derusha and Heather Brown. Carol Bruess and I bring in topics to discuss before getting married.