Brian Zirngible

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I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a solo private practice in Burnsville, Minnesota.


  • I offer hope and motivation to the mindful modern man who is searching for meaning and purpose. If you are a highly sensitive man and struggle with sharing emotions with your spouse, partner or friends, I support men in creating balance and setting healthy boundaries so you can have more energy and time for what really matters.

  • You are an exhausted musician or performing artist struggling to manage self-care, setting boundaries, substance use and intimate relationships. The quality of your performance is suffering - you are burnt out and creatively stuck. You mind and body are screaming out for rest and inspiration. You are completely overwhelmed with the music biz, family, bandmates, finances, stress and all of the elevated expectations that the performing arts provide. I will guide you through the challenges of the grind and the hustle. Together, we will turn your pain into possibility, guiding you back to your natural state of flow. As an actively working professional musician myself, I am passionate about supporting my fellow performing artists.

  • You want to save your marriage and that is why you are here. Relationships do evolve, but now you are worried and lonely. The romance and passion between you and your partner has nearly disappeared. It feels like you and your partner are roommates. You are disconnected and communicating is often a challenge. Your husband shuts down and doesn’t want to talk about it. Your mismatched sexual desire has you both ready to give up. If you both feel ready and are fully committed to seeking support, I will guide you and your partner to a deeper connection so you can move forward together once again.

Featured on WCCO Mid-Morning "Relationship Reboot" with Jason Derusha and Heather Brown. Carol Bruess and I bring in topics to discuss before getting married.