Three Simple Ways to Beat the Blues After an Amazing Vacation (or MEA Weekend)

Fall is a time of transition. Self-care is a vital part of finding peace through the change of seasons. Photo by Brian Zirngible

Fall is a time of transition. Self-care is a vital part of finding peace through the change of seasons. Photo by Brian Zirngible

As some of you return home from your brilliant fall-color getaways or our geographically-unique Minnesota Educators Academy (MEA) weekend, you might start feeling the dread of the work-week slowly creeping up.

The following three tips are meant to help support your transition back into "reality" of deadlines, meetings and the forthcoming ever-dreaded cold, icy winter:

1) Always practice gratefulness. Think of how you ended up being able to take this killer trip in the first place. Was there financial support? Is someone babysitting? Are you staying in a family member or friend's cabin?

Then write down 5 things you were specifically grateful for on your trip.

For example - "I'm grateful that my husband is so loving, handsome. He treated me like a queen and consistently refilled my wine glass when it was nearing empty". You get the picture

*Pro tip: Make sure you actually write it down on a piece of paper or in your travel journal. Science has proven that this will commit it to memory much better than typing something on your computer or phone.

2) Start planning your next getaway.

Immediately! Some folks like to do this while on the way back from a trip so they trick themselves out of that blue mood. Others wait until they're home to start. Do whatever works for you.

Regardless of when you start, this practice can help decrease those dark & heavy feelings of sadness when your current vacation has taken its final bow. 

3) Plan your week. The night before, make a simple, yet achievable 'To-Do List' for your first week back at work. This can help feeling overwhelmed with tasks that probably won't get done.

It can also help you to get a good night's sleep because you already know the next day's agenda and what your priorities are.

Prioritize your list and tackle the most difficult thing first. Your day just got easier after you swallow that frog!


Create a "Best Of" folder of photos from your trip. If you have time, print out your top three photos, frame them and bring them to your office. You can then switch them out after each amazing adventure.

While back at work, sifting through your 10,001 memos and emails or even at lunch, you can daydream and scroll through your favorite memories. Close your eyes for a moment and transport yourself back there...

There will be more trips.

Now, get planning!