Lonely. Confused. Hurt.

Your partner doesn’t want to talk about it and you’re not sure they’re even listening. You haven’t had sex in months and there is constant stress about money.

You miss your best friend and you want to save your marriage, find joy and rediscover your authentic self.

I help couples who are committed to saving the relationship to find more effective ways to connect and communicate with each other. Together, we will explore the Five Love Languages in order to more deeply connect with your partner.

Most couples wait to seek counseling an average of six years after problems started. And we all know that divorce costs much more than repairing your relationship.

My approach with couples:

  • My office is a designated safe space for couples to share emotions, change behaviors and to improve their relationship. Hurtful venting, heated arguments or any kind of abuse during our sessions is strictly prohibited. I will support and encourage you and your partner towards shared common goals that we will agree upon together in our first session. You and your partner both want to save your marriage and improve your relationship. I can guide you improving communication skills and increase the empathy you have for your partner.

  • We will talk about what is and isn’t working in your sex lives. I am there to help facilitate the conversation. Trust me. You are not alone.

  • Each partner will be allowed time and space to describe their experience from their own perspective. I am very careful about pacing our sessions so that you do not become too overwhelmed with all of the hard feelings. We will share time so that I am able to listen and validate each partner’s experience.

  • I help couples rediscover friendship for each other. I especially enjoy helping men improve their ability to simply listen and turn towards their partner, instead of shutting down, trying to fix something or cutting their partner off emotionally.

  • During our time together, it is essential to maintain a consistent self-care routine.

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