"I don't want to talk about it." You've said it. You've thought it. You've lived it. Internationally known therapist and author Terry Real wrote a book about why men don't talk about feelings. Expressing strong emotions can be seen as a sign of weakness in our society. As men, we are not trained or taught to be more emotionally vulnerable to our partner or spouse. It just feels... weird. Instead, men are taught to not to cry and we are not supposed to talk about our feelings.

The most common theme I hear about men is that we are not capable of anger management or connecting on an emotional level. My mission is to challenge faulty thinking and beliefs in order to redefine of what it means to me a man. Men show strength in many ways: You take a deep breath when you want to punch something. You hug your child when you want to yell at them for not listening to you. You turn off your phone when your partner needs to feel emotionally connected with you after a long day.

  • As we now know, anger is a secondary emotion. One of my goals is to educate men on identifying primary emotions such as disappointment, sadness, desire, irritation and frustration. Once you are able to identify and name these emotions, the less likely it is for anger to sneak into the mix. The challenge then becomes how to cope with these primary emotions before they get out of control.

ANGER, SEX, MASCULINITY, FATHERHOOD, FERTILITY, CULTURE, RELIGION, MYTHS... they all contribute to the state of the modern man. I am here to help challenge those perceptions and to help create a safe space for men to talk about fears, desires, hopes and dreams. Together, we will explore what it means for you to be a man. Together, we will explore your family of origin, how you were raised, your attachment experiences and how that has all shaped you into the man you are today.


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