"I don't want to talk about it." You've said it. You've thought it. You've lived it. Internationally known therapist and author Terry Real wrote a book about why men don't talk about feelings. Expressing strong emotions can be seen as a sign of weakness in our society. As men, we are not nurtured or taught to be emotionally vulnerable to our partner or children. Instead, men are taught to not to cry and we are not supposed to talk about our feelings.

If you have lost hope, I am glad that you are here. I will help you to explore what it means to be a "modern man". Together, we will explore your purpose, meaning and self identity. And we will immediately explore different ways you can start to feel better about yourself.

  • We know that anger is a secondary emotion. My goal is to help men identify and cope with primary emotions including disappointment, sadness, grief, irritation and frustration. Once you are able to identify and acknowledge these emotions, the less likely it is for anger to sneak up on you and destroy your relationships.


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