I welcome you to Be Here Now. There is nothing else you need to be doing right now. You deserve this time to yourself.

As you find a comfortable spot to sit, take a slow deep breath in through your nostrils and hold. 3...2...1... and now slowly breathe out through your mouth. Simply notice the temperature of the air as it moves both in and out of your body. Try this for 3 minutes.

You are going to notice that your thoughts will be racing every which way - that is ok and very normal. You may notice these thoughts slowly drifting by, as if they were on a fluffy little cloud in the sky or on a leaf in a slowly meandering river. Your thoughts do not own you and you do not have to believe every thought that you have.

I now welcome you to slowly bring yourself back to the moment, as you begin to move your neck, shoulders and fingers. You may feel refreshed, relaxed and revitalized. Your breath is your friend and it never leaves you. It is always there for you and you can breathe deeply and slowly whenever you need.

I hope you found this relaxing mindfulness video helpful and that you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Peace + Namaste