You are obviously here because you are worried about your older teenage son. He has been isolating himself for a while now and he really does not want to talk with you about anything. He shuts his door, plays his video games and listens to his music alone in his room.

He communicates with his online friends and sometimes with friends at school, but for the most part, he is a loner. An outsider and an outcast who is getting bullied or teased. He has so much potential and you are afraid you might lose him to one of the many negative influences that are so readily available.

Your son may already be experimenting with sex, drugs or alcohol. Although I am not a Licensed Drug & Alcohol Counselor or Sex Therapist, your son and I will talk about the potential dangers and consequences of his chemical use and sexual activity to his mind and body. Please be aware that I am not trying to convince your son to quit. That must be his decision only and it is not my role. Otherwise, I am just another authority figure telling him what to do. My job is to help sift through all of the feelings and emotions that are attached to his use.

His high school social worker and classroom teachers have already identified your son as a "troublemaker", "needing help" and are also worried about him. Your son is already struggling academically, socially and artistically.

He has low self esteem and is being bullied online or to his face because he is seen as "emo", "alternative", "artsy" or is introverted or a Highly Sensitive Person.

If this sounds familiar, there is HOPE and I am really glad that you found me!!!

How I help your teenage son:

  • Your son may not trust me right away, and that is completely normal. Developmentally, teens defy authority, break rules and engage in risky behaviors - it's normal, natural, and as a parent, you are not alone. Eventually, your son may trust enough to share more about his emotions and behaviors.

  • Your son and I will talk about music, video games and sports. We will play communication games that open up conversations about difficult subjects. We will also watch YouTube videos of their favorite artists and will discuss their work and how it relates to your son's media consumption.

  • Your son might enjoy learning that I am also a professional musician, DJ and I love sports. I am a "younger" therapist who enjoys helping teen males figure out who they are. I will often use an ice-breaker such as Ungame to begin our conversation, especially if your teen is more introverted.

If you are an older teen male reading this... thanks for checking this out! I hope your parent or guardian calls to see if we are a good fit for each other. Sometimes, it really sucks being a teenager - rules, regulations, laws, school performance, curfews, relationships and social media drama... Hang in there, ok? It gets better - much better!!! I had a tough time as a teenager too. I was bullied and teased because I was "different" and I was a band geek. I was lucky to have a good friend help me gain the confidence to not care what others thought of me. He taught me to "give the haters the Heisman". It was exactly what I needed at the perfect time. Thanks again - you rock!!!

Typically, I meet with the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) and your older teen son for the first session, and then we will discuss what future sessions might look like.

Call me at 952.892.8433 to see if your teenage son is interested in working with me.