"You're the parent of a teen male? Good luck with that." I'm sure you've probably heard that statement a few dozen times. Here are some hot topics that come up when working with teen males: DEPRESSION, LACK OF MOTIVATION, ISOLATION, HORMONES, PUBERTY, SEX, DRUGS, ALCOHOL, VIDEO GAME ADDICTION, POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE... the list goes on.

  • If you are a teen male reading this, what's up?!? Thanks for checking this out and I hope your parent or guardian calls to see if I can help. I know it sucks being a teenager sometimes, with all the rules, regulations, school, etc. It gets better - much better!!! I had a tough time as a teen too. I was bullied, teased, made fun of... until a friend helped me gain the confidence to not care what others thought of me. What a relief and awesome feeling that was! Hang in there, OK? Thanks again - you rock!!!

Here's how I roll with teen males:

My approach and style in working with teen males is to gradually build trust with them so that they feel comfortable enough to share more about their emotions and behaviors. Teens will not allow strangers into their world. If I am not authentic or real, we won't get anywhere in our work together and you will waste your hard-earned money. I pride myself in building trusting relationships with the teens I work with am am honored they trust me enough to discuss issues such as relationships, grief, and emotional pain.

You might ask why you would pay me to play board games, watch YouTube videos, or talk about video games, sports and music with your teen. Teens have little trust for anyone. Developmentally, they're designed to defy authority, break rules & practice risky behaviors - it's normal, natural, and as a parent, you are not alone.

Your teen might find it pretty cool that outside of being a licensed therapist, I am also a professional musician, DJ and I enjoy playing sports. I am not your "typical" psychotherapist who sits there and nods as your teen struggles to talk. Some of the positive feedback that others have said about me is that I am a "young, active and cool" therapist who quickly connects with teens". Being "cool" doesn't mean I won't ask the tough questions or show concern about specific topics.

Depending on the situation and comfort level of your teen, I will meet with the parent(s) / guardian(s) and your teen for the first session, and then we will discuss how future sessions could look like. I look forward to talking with you to see if your teen and I would be a good fitto work together!